PST standard centrifugal pump

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PST standard centrifugal pump (hereinafter referred to as electric pump) has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, beautiful appearance, small installation area, stable operation, long service life, high efficiency, low power consumption, and convenient decoration. And can be used in series according to the needs of head and flow. This electric pump consists of three parts: an electric motor, a mechanical seal, and a water pump. The motor is a single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motor; The mechanical seal is used between the water pump and the motor, and the rotor shaft of the electric pump is made of high-quality carbon steel material and subjected to anti-corrosion treatment to ensure more reliable mechanical strength, which can effectively improve the wear and corrosion resistance of the shaft. At the same time, it is also convenient for the maintenance and disassembly of the impeller. The fixed end seals of the pump are sealed with “o” shaped rubber sealing rings as static sealing machines.

  • Flow range : Head range
  • 12.5m³/h: 13.5m
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    1. Equipped with energy-saving motors certified by national standards: The motor stator adopts high-performance cold-rolled steel strips, pure copper coils, and low temperature rise, greatly improving the working efficiency of the motor. The energy-saving effect of energy-saving motors certified by national standards is guaranteed.
    2. Optimization treatment of inlet and outlet: The inlet is larger than the outlet, resulting in more sufficient water inflow and superior performance. It can also reduce the occurrence of cavitation, extend service life, and not lack strong power.
    3. National standard flange interface: The entire series uses national standard PN10 flange interface, which is easy for users to install and does not need to worry about non-standard hole positions.
    4. Multiple seals, improved protection capability: The junction box is sealed with leather pads, and the front and rear end frames of the motor are sealed with oil seals to enhance the overall protective performance of the machine.

    Application scenario:
    The products are widely used in energy metallurgy, chemical textile, Pulp and paper industry, boiler hot water pressurization, urban heating system, etc. There is an engineering team that provides specialized and integrated solutions based on actual application situations to improve the overall efficiency of the pump operation system, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

    Model Description

    PST standard centrifugal pump (2)

    Technical Parameter

    Discharger (m3/h) 0~600
    Head (m) 0~150
    Power (Kw) 0.75~160
    Diameter (mm) 32~200
    Freq uency (Hz) 50、60
    Voltage (V) 220V、380V
    Fluid temp (℃) 0℃~80℃
    Work Press (p) Max 1.6Mpa

    Pump structural characteristics

    The pump casing size complies with EN733 regulations

    Pump casing made of cast iron material, flange connection

    Butt flange cast iron, in accordance with ISO28/1

    Impeller: cast iron or stainless steel

    Motor: Class F insulation level

    IP54 protection level

    Product parameters

    PST standard centrifugal pump (1)

    Flange size

    PST standard centrifugal pump (1)

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